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Mental Health Counseling and community connection rooted in Quintana Community, Southwest San Antonio, Texas. We are providing individualized mental wellness services and tools to activate healing and connection.

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Our Services

Our Services

The Velasquez House of Healing home offers a space for folks to gather as they would at their comadrx living rooms and kitchens - - our intention is to create the comfort of a familiar setting with a commitment to meeting people where they are in their movement toward wellness. We provide counseling, psychotherapy, and behavioral case management.

Counseling + psychotherapy

We provide counseling and psychotherapy to explore patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Sometimes we need witness and encouragement recalling and telling our story, how did we get here and under what circumstances? We will explore the history of trauma, oppression, and resilience within our own lineage. As we identify what no longer serves us, we uncover the root of our depression, stress, grief, anxiety, anger, shame, guilt, fatigue, mood shifts, and sense of not being grounded. We invite a shift in our thought patterns and feelings, we set intention for gratitude and abundance, while navigating our inner child back home. We will access music, meditation, movement, talking, and traditional medicinal herbs. 





Individual Healing

Relationship Healing


Generational/Family Healing




Group Therapy

Insurances Accepted: 

Superior Health Plan 


Aetna Boon-Chapman 

Aetna GEHA 

Aetna Meritain


Blue Cross Blue Shield TX PPO 

Bright Health Plan


Cigna HealthPartners

Cigna Scott & White Healthplan


Friday Health Plans (TX)

Optum/United-EAP (TX)

Oscar Health Plan

United All Savers

United BIND

United GEHA/Shared Services

United Healthcare (TX)

United Healthcare Golden Rule 

United Oxford (TX)

United Student Resources (TX)

United UMR

Private Pay:

$120 75 minutes Intake Assessment Individual

$100 55 minutes Individual Counseling

$60 35 minutes Individual Counseling


$150 90 minutes Intake Assessment Couple/Relationship/Family

$120 55 minutes Couple/Relationship/Family Counseling

Behavioral Case Management

It is not unusual for life to present with personal challenges, hardships, or unexpected setbacks.  Life also does not come with an instruction manual full of “how to” guides or quick and easy troubleshooting solutions.  Behavioral Case Management offers support in identifying needs and finding resources to meet those needs.  Together we will create a system to organize the chaos which will allow for more energy and investment toward wellness.

Problem solving with landlord/housing
Tools for youth with incarcerated caregivers
Time management and task completion skills
College readiness and planning: admissions, financial aid, grants and loans, scholarships, SAT/ACT preparation
Financial responsibility, opening different types of bank accounts, creating and maintaining budget sheets
Determining eligibility for local resources and services, application assistance, initial contact program representative
Domestic violence awareness
Hygiene and sleep rituals
Prenatal health
Recognizing components in the cycle of violence/safety and escape planning
Model conflict resolution to improve relationships at school, home, and work
Practice phone calls to reduce fear and anxiety of new introductions
Preparing for birth
Early childhood development
Parental self care
Teaching and Knowledge Sharing
Navigating public transportation
Internet Safety
Advocacy in the school setting specific to ARD/IEP/504 planning

Our Story

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Our Story
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Our parents, Arturo and Nelida Velasquez, purchased the house on Hollenbeck in 1978, it was their first home and would later be where they raised their children - - us. This house has served as shelter for family members throughout the past 40 years. In 2021, we established Velasquez House of Healing, LLC to create a sacred space for change, growth, and understanding. We are happy to open this space to our community with the intention of instilling a sense of belonging and collective healing. 


We grew up on Hollenbeck playing outside for as long we were allowed, alongside our neighbors/cousins. We enjoyed walking to Winn’s on Southcross with our mom in the summer to get a cherry icee, we shopped at Salvation Army on Creighton and Southcross, spent many afternoons at SouthPark Mall for the air conditioning, attended church and CCD at St. Joseph’s, we spent our evenings waiting for the raspa man in the blue truck, we got our first library cards at Pan Am Library, and celebrated our triumphs at Don Pedro’s, Bonanza, and Chuck E Cheese. Our youth in this neighborhood brings memories of warmth, happiness, and innocence- - all of which transcend into our time and space with community.

When we organized our thoughts for this section of our story - - we put together our version of our dad’s life experiences. We wanted to share about his youth working for his father’s sheep shearing business in Sabinal, TX, his unwavering bond with his mother, his time in Vietnam as a young Mexican-American United States Marine, and his 34 years of loyalty toward his employer despite a changing and political workplace climate - - he tells us that his motivation to push through was the idea that he had a responsibility to provide for his family. Early on in our lives, our dad set the intention of not only sending us to college but fully funding our college educations. We are grateful that through our parent’s sacrifice, we have come full circle back to our childhood home in a position to use our education and skill to serve our community. 


When we asked him what he felt might be important for others to know, he shared this:

“I had a very happy childhood even though people didn’t have much back then, we didn’t know that and we were thrilled with what we had.”


“I lived by the idea that you take what you have in life and make the best of it, it is important to me that this was instilled in my daughters and grandchildren.” 


“I feel blessed to be married to my wife for all these years, blessed to have two daughters, and grandchildren.”


“My mentality has been: Never quit, you can not ever give up.” 


We had a similar thought process for our version of our mom’s life experiences. We wanted to share that she was the salutatorian of her high school class in Sabinal, TX, homecoming queen, cheerleader, athlete, baton twirler, and was the second oldest of seven children. She managed our home - - day to day operations of our upbringing: classroom mom, drove us to and from school, took us to church and CCD every week, long nights of homework and helping us study for tests and projects, prepared meals, advocated for us at school and during conflict - - our mom is fierce and bold, she demanded respect for herself and her daughters. She modeled how to use our voices and not be overlooked or dismissed. Our parents moved from a small town to southside San Antonio, TX. Our mom left her family for the first time in her life to create a future with our dad. We acknowledge and admire her resilience and courage.


When we asked her what she felt might be important for others to know, she shared this: 

“I grew up in a small town where everybody knew your name, I had great parents who were devoted to their children. I married my high school sweetheart and after fifty years we are still together.”


“The most significant events in my life were the births of my two daughters, from whom I learned to love beyond measure.”


“My parents had the biggest influence on how I’ve lived my life. I’m always mindful of their sacrifices and devotion to their children.” 


About Sophia

Co-Founder Velasquez House of Healing, LLC 2021




I have been learning and teaching mental wellness for 20 years - - it isn’t typical in my culture and generation to look outward for healing. Many of us didn’t realize that we were experiencing shame, guilt, sadness, oppression, or feelings of inadequacy. For some of us this surfaced as young adults and for others, it will never be acknowledged. When I dreamed up the concept of Velasquez House of Healing, I knew it would be designed for this time and place, where we are awakening to our inner wisdom and search for identity, purpose, and ancestral resilience. 


Creating Velasquez House of Healing with my sister has opened a pathway for healing and connection as a family. Me siento muy excited to be walking alongside her as we navigate our offerings to our community. 


I am committed to serving queer, trans, black, indigenous, People of Color (QTBIPOC). I continue the path of working in mental wellness and traditional healing to contribute to political and humanistic movements. There is  an abundance of oppression against queer, trans, black, indigenous, People of Color (QTBIPOC) - - wellness is critical to our  survival. I set intention to continue to reach and serve people who are seeking counseling to unlearn the ways of  the oppressors, the colonizers - - to create momentum and movement toward identity, self-love, self-compassion, and rest.  I work with folks who are seeking to identify and release what no longer serves them through talk therapy, movement, music, meditation, and traditional medicinal herbs. I am rooted in alignment with my purpose for this life, choosing to express my free spirit of individuality and authenticity. 


I look to my parents to share their knowledge, lived experiences, and enduring support - - it is through their prayers, sacrifice, expectations, and modeled work ethic that I have arrived here. I find sweetness and belonging with my sister Nicole, niece Anisa, nephew Isaiah, and my partner Andrea. I honor and connect deeply with my ancestors, the women who came before me, and the women who came before them.   

Check out my familia - - - my ancestors and my guides, scroll across the fotos at the bottom of the website.


University of the Incarnate Word 2005

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology


University of Texas at San Antonio 2010

Master of Arts, Mental Health Counseling


National Certified Counselor 2011

National Board for Certified Counselors 

NCC #284281


Licensed Professional Counselor 2013

Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council 

Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors

TX License #68223

About Nicole

Co-Founder Velasquez House of Healing, LLC 2021


The last several years of my life have been primarily dedicated to working in the home to ensure that my children started their life and educational journeys with the most solid foundations that I, as their mother, could provide them. Prior to and within this period of time, I experienced many instances of personal success, growth and happiness.  I also withstood a range of personal hardships and heartaches. As my children grew older, my calling in life began shifting. 


I felt the desire to use raw life experiences in combination with my education and training while resuming my professional pathway.  My previous experience is rooted in service to others through various non-profit organizations and educational institutions to include: advocacy efforts, community outreach, case management and group facilitation working with youth at risk, pregnant and parenting teens, first generation college bound high school students, academic advising of traditional and non-traditional college students, and instructing/supporting neurodiverse and differently abled students in a school setting.  I would remain dedicated to working in service to others; however I struggled to find a sense of the capacity and direction in which I would do so.   


Around this time, my sister approached me with the dream of a collaboration that would become Velasquez House of Healing. As she spoke her intention, I realized a renewed sense of clarity and purpose.  Spiritually, I recognize VHOH as a greater calling to return to my roots and create, alongside my sister, a partnership with the people of the southwest side of San Antonio that serves and contributes to the greater good of the community that fundamentally shaped who I am.


I celebrate and draw upon the courage, tenacity, persistence, diligence, loyalty and faithfulness inherent in my parents and my grandparents who struggled and succeeded before me and their hope and love that carry me forward.

University of Texas at Austin

Bachelor of Arts, Sociology


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215 Hollenbeck Avenue

San Antonio, TX 78211

(210) 831-2048

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